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Attorney Mike Davis uses the rules of evidence, the law of assignments, and the code of civil procedure to have debt buyer lawsuits completely dismissed by the court. If your case isn’t completely thrown out, you don’t pay!

Did you know that many lawsuits to collect credit card debts aren’t filed by the company that originally issued the credit card? These cases are filed by “debt buyers” that pay a few pennies on the dollar for the right to collect on thousands of accounts that have been written off by the original card issuer. Often, these “accounts” have no supporting paperwork whereby the company suing you can prove, in fact, that it actually owns the debt, or what was the proper interest rate on the credit card, or who was really responsible for paying the bills, etc.

Often the case cannot be proven. If this is the case, it will be COMPLETELY DISMISSED by the Court.

Facing a Debt Collection Lawsuit in Chicago or suburbs?

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Are you being sued by some company you’ve never even heard of? Are you wondering what a debt buyer even is? If so, you’re not alone. Nearly 200 million Americans have credit card debt, and many of them will at one point or another receive a dreaded notice in the mail from a debt buyer demanding payment on a debt they may not have even known about. If this sounds like you, don’t let the stress overcome you, and don’t act until you’ve spoken to an experienced debt attorney—one who won’t simply suggest that you file bankruptcy. There are much better options available; do yourself a favor by exploring them with Attorney Mike Davis, located right here in Chicago.

First, what is a debt buyer? Simply put, a debt buyer is an entity that purchases debts for pennies on the dollar from primary lenders and whose ultimate mission is to obtain the full amount of debt from you. While it might seem like there’s no way to fight a debt buyer lawsuit, almost nothing could be further from the truth. You have defenses— defenses based on your rights and the laws which debt buyers must abide.

The following questions and issues should be explored promptly upon receiving any demand for money or threat of a lawsuit from a debt buyer in Chicago, IL:

  1. Is the debt in question truly owned by the debt buyer as it claims?
  2. Does the debt buyer have proof of ownership of the debt?
  3. Is the debt itself valid? For example, if the debt was previously discharged via bankruptcy or more than five years old, then it may not be valid or collectible

Attorney Mike Davis is helping people throughout Chicago and its suburbs combat creditors and debt buyers who seem to stop at nothing to get their money. These creditors and debt buyers count on people to remain ignorant of their rights, and to give in before they seek the assistance of a debt attorney who will fiercely defend them.

Client Testimonials

“First off I will like to Thank Mike Davis for helping me Dismiss my Case Thank you. If you’re getting sued by a Creditor and you have no way out I highly recommend him to represent you. Give him a call before you think Bankruptcy is your only way out . Thank you Mike Davis 5 stars I hope someone does find this helpful and does get some stress away from their life!“

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