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“The hard part is done. I’m not sure I could have negotiated a repayment schedule with a relatively manageable monthly sum like this on my own, and it gave me peace of mind that someone competent was handling the case during a really bad period for me personally. It really was a life low point. But I can safely say that my own financial situation is improving every week! I really appreciate your help and will keep you in mind in case something similar comes up again.” – Marty

“Mike Davis did an amazing job! The stunned look of disbelief and words from the Judge hearing my case were music to my ears. The settlement saved me $40,000 and reduced my debt by 90%. Mike put my financial life back on track. When the judge says “Sir, you need to thank your lawyer he did an excellent job” you know you hired the right man. Mike Davis wants to help people and I would recommend his services to everyone. Thank you again Mike I am extremely grateful.” – Michael S.

“Some other law firm recommended that I pay $22,000.00 to settle a $41,000.00 credit card case, so I fired them and hired Mike. He got the entire $41,000.00 case completely and permanently dismissed. A fantastic result!” – Jon A.

“He was the greatest, I would hire him again. Treated me like I was his only client.” – Darnell L.

“Mike was great. Mike described exactly what he could do to help me. Not knowing the laws and my rights I was skeptical at first. Mike handled a very complex situation for me involving multiple suits against me. Mike came thru exactly as he said he would. I was amazed and extremely impressed. Thank You Mike!” – Charles B.

“Very knowledgeable and aggressive to get his client’s case completed. I would definitely hire you again.” – John G.

“With much respect, felt I made a wise decision in hiring Mr. Davis and he kept me well informed of the progress of the case. knowledgeable, would refer him in a second.” – Stanley L.

“He treated me respectfully and he educated me and kept me informed of each next step throughout the process. I was nervous at first and didn’t think it could work, but his results speak for themselves. He won my case!” – Carrie C.

“Most lawyers I’ve dealt with treat you like you’re just a case number. Not Mike Davis and his office staff. If I needed to talk to him, he called me back within 15 minutes (unless he was in court). He listened to what I was saying & advised me in verbiage I understood, not lawyer language. He didn’t beat around the bush, just talked the facts. My case was resolved better than I expected. Thanks, Mike!” – Libby K.

“There are circumstances in life that are truly out of your control. In these moments you don’t know where to turn to. Reality sets in you need professional guidance to move forward. I didn’t know what to do, and what a blessing it was to find Mike. He is understanding to the hardship many of us fall under. He is professional, experienced, direct, focused and empathic and gets positive results so you can move on. Him and his team are kind, friendly and lead with human connection in some of the most unsettling moments in life. This is their differentiator! Call him!” – S.M.

“Mike was very helpful, and informative. I greatly appreciated your help.” – Layla M.

“I was being sued for some ancient debt I had no memory of, but Mike sniffed out phony documents in the lawsuit against me and the bank dropped the case instantly. I paid nothing to make it go away.” – Paul G.

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