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How Can An Experienced Collection Defense Attorney Help Me Deal With A Citation To Discover Assets?

First, Just What Is A Citation To Discover Assets?

It’s a tool used by a judgment creditor to force you, or anyone (such as your bank) that holds your money, to cough up any available funds to satisfy that judgment.

What Happens When I Come To Court?

The citation requires you to come to court and forces you, under oath, to reveal how much money (or other assets such as equity in your home, business ownership, etc.) you have, where that money is, where you work, how much you earn, and other sensitive information

The creditor’s lawyer can even demand that you show him or her the contents of your wallet, brief case, or purse in open court!

How Can An Attorney Help Me?

First of all, an experienced collection defense attorney at your side during the citation hearing can make the situation much less stressful.

But even more importantly, a skillful and experienced attorney can:

1) help you avoid making serious tactical mistakes in dealing with the judgment creditor–mistakes which could make your bad situation even worse;

2) identify any property of yours which may be exempt from collection by the judgment creditor and, on your behalf, assert that exemption in Court to protect those assets;

3) negotiate a reasonable and realistic settlement of the judgment that will avoid

  • future and continuing court action;
  • more aggravation;
  • other unexpected attacks on your money.

What Happens If I Just Ignore The Citation?

You will get more notices that you should come to Court to answer the citation. But if you ignore those as well, the Court will issue a body attachment– that is, the Judge will order law enforcement to pick you up and bring you to Court to answer the citation. Technically, this is not an arrest– but it will sure feel like one when you are sitting in the back of a squad car.

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