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Top 43 Asp Net Interview Questions

  • By: Mike Davis, Esq.

The choice between the two depends on the needs of the project. If one intends to build a server component that can be easily utilized by an array of clients then ASP.NET Web API is the way to go. If, however, the project is purely going to be used as a web application and nothing more, then ASP.NET MVC is a more appropriate choice.

  • Scaffolding is a code generation framework for ASP.NET Web applications.
  • Actually, DI and Service Locator patterns are specialized versions of the IoC pattern or you can say DI and Service Locator are the ways of implementing IoC.
  • When you add an area to a project, a route for the area is defined in an AreaRegistration file.
  • You can also weed out inexperience as experienced developers will often have a very clear and concise naming system.
  • The Order property has an integer value and it specifies the priority from 1 to any positive integer value.

The Web applications use HTTP to build up correspondence between the Web program and the Web server. The ASP.NET https://remotemode.net/ supports a robust login controls for web-based application which does not require any program coding.

Introduction To Asp Net Mvc Interview Questions And Answers

Generally, it is used to store only one time messages like the error messages and validation messages. HttpUnauthorizedResult – Returns an HttpUnauthorizedResult which renders a 401 HTTP Status Code (means “not authorized”) response. This is used for authentication to ask the user to log in. The Model is the part of the application that handles the logic for the application data. Scaffolding in ASP.NET MVC is used to generate the Controllers,Model and Views for create, read, update, and delete functionality in an application. The scaffolding will be knowing the naming conventions used for models and controllers and views. Partial view in MVC is used to render a portion of view content.

If there are any additional insights that you have gained through your experience of hiring ASP.NET MVC developers, please share them with us in the comments section below. And if not found the one with your desired skill set you can request iMocha to create for you.

For example, Role based authorization for users to access resources. By default, Authorize attribute is used to perform authorization. You can also make your own custom authorization filter by implementing IAuthorizationFilter. The Controller in ASP.NET MVC, respond to HTTP requests and determine the action to take based upon the content of the incoming request. It receives input from users via the View, then process the user’s data with the help of Model and passing the results back to the View.

A PostBack is the process of presenting an ASP.NET page to the server for processing. PostBack is done if certain credentials of the page are to be checked against certain sources, (for example, confirmation of username and secret key/password using a database). This is something that a client machine can not able to achieve and subsequently, these details must be ‘posted back’ on the server.

An attribute or custom attribute implements the ASP.NET MVC filters and can contain your piece of code or logic. There are total nine return types we can use to return results from controller to view. These MVC interview questions and answersare curated from various sites to ensure that the reader is exposed to a variety of questions.

Explain What Is Database First Approach In Mvc Using Entity Framework?

It has a set of attributes and classes defined in the System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations assembly. Data Annotations allow us to decorate model classes with metadata. This metadata describes a set of rules that are used to validate a property.

.net mvc developer interview questions

Finally, I might use a front-end library like HTMX to leverage Razor’s HTML-generating capability to provide a compelling client-side user experience. My Interview Practice offers a simulator that generates unique questions each time you practice, so you’ll never see what’s coming. There are questions for over 120 job titles, and each question is curated by actual industry professionals. You can take as many interviews as you need to, in order to build confidence. It is a design pattern that is used to separate business logic and presentation logic. ASP.NET Webforms uses the page controller approach for rendering layout.

What Are The Different Applications Of Java?

“BundleConfig.cs” in ASP.NET MVC is used to register the bundles by the bundling and minification system. Many bundles are added by default including jQuery libraries like – jquery.validate, Modernizr, and default CSS references. POST is used to submit data to be processed to a specified resource. With all the POST requests we pass the URL which is compulsory and the data, however, it can take the following overloads. The more shortcut way of achieving the same is by using “Peek”. If you are a fresher and want to study the basics, you can study MVC from our .NET programming certification training course. Authentication means giving users access to a specific service on verification of identity using username and password.

  • All these settings are registered within Application_Start method of Global.asax.cs file.
  • Like Style.Render, Scripts.Render is also used to render a bundle of Script files by rendering script tag for the Script bundle.
  • Specify to use the current project directory as root directory for the application.
  • Many entry-level positions require applicants to possess a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field.
  • At the end of the day, hiring remains an art, a science — and a lot of work.
  • It is a server-side technology provided by Microsoft which is used to create dynamic and user-friendly web pages.

The handler can be a physical file, such as a .aspx file in a Web Forms application. Convention-based routing – to define this type of routing, we call MapRoute method and set its unique name, URL pattern and specify some default values.

Such an abstraction enables you to run the same application on all the web servers that support OWIN. Katana is a set of components by Microsoft built using OWIN specifications . Some of these components include Web API, ASP.NET Identity and SignalR. So in the above code snippet “TestAction” is the original action name and in “ActionName” attribute, name – “TestActionNew” is given.

What Is The Difference Between Server Transfer And Response Redirect?

ASP.Net MVC pattern concerns on separating the content from presentation and data-processing from content. Script is saved in the database and is run while rendering the page. View data needs typecasting for complex data, while View Bag does not require any kind of typecasting. View data is available for current requests only, while View Bag is available for all kinds of requests. The presentation component helps in the visual presentation of the specific abstraction that exists in the application. MVC offers accommodation, which supports changes as the user interface continues to change more quickly than the business rules itself.

The below-mentioned code will create a simple URL that helps in navigating from the Home tab to the desired path. View Engine Class – This class is useful in implementing the interface. Now, if you are looking for a job that is related to Asp.Net MVC, then you need to prepare for the 2021 Asp.Net MVC Interview Questions. It is true that every interview is different as per the different job profiles.

Programming & Frameworks

Below is the sequence of events that happen every time an HTTP request is handled by our application. This tells MVC to redirect to specified action instead of rendering HTML. In this case, the browser receives the redirect notification and make a new request for the specified action. Bootstrap provides all the elements and components which we require for buttons, menus, forms, labels, layout and all sorts of features. FileResult- Returns a class that derives from FileResult, which writes binary content to the response. ContentResult -Returns a ContentResult, which writes the specific content to the response.

It is used for developing a wide variety of applications, as it provides access to system functionality. Nitin possesses a Master’s degree in Computer Science and has been actively contributing to the development community for its betterment. OWIN (Open Web Interface for .NET) is a standard and Katana is a .NET library. OWIN defines a standard interface between .NET web servers and web applications. The goal of OWIN is to decouple web applications from the web server by introducing an abstraction layer.

You can create ASP.Net applications in most of the .Net compatible languages like Visual Basic, C#, etc. ASP.Net provides much better performance than scripting languages. Represents an actual OS-level thread, with its own stack and kernel resources, and allows the highest degree of control. You can choose to Abort() or Suspend() or Resume() a thread, and set thread-level properties, like the stack size, apartment state, or culture. While a Task class from the Task Parallel Library is executed by a TaskScheduler to return a result and allows you to find out when it finishes. Reflection objects are used for creating type instances and obtaining type information at runtime. The classes in the System.Reflection namespace gives access to the metadata of a running program.

.net mvc developer interview questions

MVC 6 is a part of ASP.NET 5 that has been designed for cloud-optimized applications. The runtime automatically picks the correct version of the library when our MVC application is deployed to the cloud. A view is responsible for displaying all of, or a portion of, data for users.

This return type is used when we want to redirect to any other action method. This return type is used to return a webpage from an action method. I prefer explicitly registering routes, as they are visible in the codebase and often easier to rationalize and debug. There is a potential drawback, though, as the more routes an application has, the more it can impact route resolution and performance of an application. Performance degradation can happen in applications when an extreme amount of route registrations occur, but many folks shouldn’t worry about it until they notice a drop in performance.

Stored Procedures are pre-compiled objects which execute the code when called for. While a Function is compiled and executed when it is called for. The Application object is used to share information among all users of an application. You can tie a group of ASP files that work together to perform some purpose.

What Is Routing In Asp Net Mvc?

CLR is the basic and Virtual Machine component of the .NET Framework. Basically, it is responsible for managing the execution of .NET programs regardless of any .NET programming language. It also helps in the management of code, as code that targets the runtime is known as the Managed Code, and code that doesn’t target to runtime is known as Unmanaged code. I will surely record and upload videos on these questions very soon. The below code will create a simple URL which helps to navigate to the “Home” controller and invoke the Gotohome action.

RedirectToRoute() — Redirect to action from the specified URL but URL in the route table has been matched. RedirectToAction() — To Redirect to different action which can be in same controller or in different controller. OnFailure — Javascript method name to be given here and this will be called when AJAX request is failed.

It will contain all our cascading style sheet files, and then we will have our “lib” folder, which will have all our JavaScript files. We are adding references to the bootstrap library to make our web page more responsive for certain controls. The data in your model can be as simple as just having primitive declarations. For example, if you are maintaining a student application, your data model could just have a student id and a name.

Server side validations are very important before playing with sensitive information of a user. Server-side validation must be done whether we validate the received data on the client side. User could disable script in his how to become a .net mvc developer browser or do something else to bypass client-side validation. In this case server-side validation must require to protect our data from dirty input. You can also change action method name by using ActionName attribute.

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